Case Study

Online Jewelry Store Case Study

Top Jewelry Retailer Increases Conversions for New and Returning Customers

It began in Q4 2015 – A top online jewelry retailer hired us to “triage” their email campaigns for Black Friday. With an email list full of subscribers who signed up to get sales and offers but no recent email activity to speak of, this client needed a rapid roll out of a series of campaigns that would cut through the fierce competition within the inbox and convert those subscribers into paying customers.

Doing what all the other jewelry stores were doing wasn’t going to cut it. We had to break the mold to break out of the promotions tab and establish brand relevance in the mind of these subscribers, whose attention was at risk of growing stale.

Beginning with list maintenance and a series of a/b tests, we constructed email campaigns that took our client all the way through this heavy promotional period, including non-promotional “break the tempo” emails which allowed us to sail past the competition and establish a healthy baseline of email deliverability and engagement.

Since then, we have continued to work with this client to optimize their email marketing, iterating better and better templates, while building and refining funnels for both new and repeat customers that are tailored to their interests and activity.


Ecommerce Emails for Online Jewelry Store

  • STORE: A Top 10 Online Jewelry Retailer
  • PLATFORM: Custom
    • Converting coupon subscribers to paying customers
    • Competing with other jewelry retailers over major holidays (Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day)
    • Growing the list
    • Deliverability
    • Merged lists
    • Removed non-performing design elements from email templates
    • Adding “break the tempo” non promotional emails during major campaign times
    • Sumo A/B tests to drive up conversion rates
    • Created automated email funnels to respond to specific actions taken by subscribers.
    • Email list revenue from $55K/year to $6.8M
    • 4.8x Growth in List Size