Project Portfolio

Client Portfolio

Health & Wellness

Joyfoodly – Healthy Cooking Education (San Francisco, CA)

Dr. Zain Hakeem, MD (Austin, TX)

Dr. Chris Larson, DO (Austin, TX)

BB Imaging – Sonography (San Antonio, TX) – Directory (San Antonio, TX)

Fetch Fitness – Canine-Friendly Fitness (Seattle, WA)

Brooke Foreman – Acupuncture & Yoga (Austin, TX)

Kundalink – Yoga Classes & Apparel (Van Nuys, CA)

Freedom & Flow – Alexander Technique Training (Chico, CA)

On Pointe Training – Fitness (San Francisco, CA)

Beauty Services

Salon Ta’Lenaje (West Seattle, WA)

Red Massage (Kirkland, WA)

Bronzer Salon (Edmonds, WA)

Serenity Love Massage Therapy (Chico, CA)

Mon-Sai Jewelry (NYC)

Entertainment (Film & Music)

Videomaker Magazine (Chico, CA)

Dr Canard – TV Show (Seattle, WA)

Castaway with a Purpose – Documentary (Seattle, WA)

Tammy Baker Makeup – Hair & Makeup Artist (Redmond, WA)

Music Education for All – Music Lesson Channel (Web Television)

Fridrich – Musician (Seattle, WA)

Traveling Exposed – Travel Show Pilot (Television)

Rose Red Elk – Musician (Boulder, CO)

Dojo Sports – Virtual Martial Arts Web Show (Simi Valley, CA)

Mindfire Chats – Interview Show (Web Television)

Fidalgo Films – Filmmaker (Anacortes, WA)

Wild Mind Film Camp – Documentary Camp (Twisp, WA)

Yellow Stroller Productions – Filmmaker (Mukilteo, WA)

Seaweed Toasted Productions – Filmmaker / Producer (West Seattle, WA)

John Jacobsen – Screenwriter / Speaker (Seattle, WA)

Stephen Salamunovich – Casting Director / Coach (Seattle, WA)

J. Todd Harris – Producer / Speaker (Los Angeles, CA)

Nashville Film Institute – Film School (Nashville, TN)

TheFilmSchool – Screenwriting School (Seattle, WA)

Am I Broken? – Documentary (Seattle, WA)

Paige Morrow Kimball – Writer & Director (Los Angeles, CA)

Wake up your Work – Coaching (Seattle, WA)

Doctor Mix – mixing and mastering (London, UK)

Petty Vendetta (Bothell, WA)

eCommerce (Physical &Digital Products)

Wonderware Pacwest (Woodinville, WA)

Flathead Daily Deals (Kalispell, MT)

Oo Foot Relief (San Antonio, TX)

GameChanger (Tucson, AZ)

iHealthLogic (USA)

Renovated Hardware – technology (SoCal)

Pearl Paradise (Los Angeles, CA)

Network Distributors – technology (Chico, CA)

Miracle Noodle (Los Angeles, CA)

Parallel Revolution – apparel (Chico, CA)

Inter-sport Group – tactical apparel (Tiona, PA)

Froghill Designs – home decor (Issaquah, WA)

Yummy Shapes (San Francisco, CA)

Lillypots  (London, UK)

The Pillid (Seattle, WA)

Eagle View Technologies (Shelton, WA)

Turenne Tactical (Paradise, CA)

Ubertronix – Photography Accessories (San Antonio, TX)

Trinitronic (Chico, CA)

Mobile Apps

myLanguage (San Francisco, CA)

CoffeeTable (Chico, CA)


Lisa Loop – Coaching (Seattle, WA)

Larry Pray (Minneapolis, MN)

Andrew D. Chapman – Screenwriter & Novelist (Seattle, WA)

Teru Lundsten – Writer (Anacortes, WA)

Evolving Bliss (Burien, WA)

Carla Harris (New York, NY)

Jon Haines (Chicago, IL)

Susan Wooldridge (Chico, CA)


Young Construction Professionals (Belgrade, Serbia)

Savor the Sound (Seattle, WA)

Tai Initiative (Mt. Vernon, WA)

Cupid 5K (Seattle, WA)

One Media Player per Teacher (Chico, CA)

Innovate Northstate (Chico, CA)

Soledad Animal Sanctuary (Mojave, CA)



TheFilmSchool (Seattle, WA)

Cal Northern School of Law (Chico, CA)

Center for Spiritual Learning – Greater Chico (Chico, CA)



Kathleen Thurmond (San Francisco, CA)

Hiring Coach (San Francisco, CA)

Key Consulting (Tucson, AZ)

Prime Impulse (Los Angeles, CA)

Out There Productions

The Vasilije Group (Belgrade, Serbia)


Everyone Else

World Spice Merchants (Seattle, WA)

Loyal Automotive (Seattle, WA)

Fright Institute Haunted House (Carlsbad, CA)

Chazzzam Signs & Graphics (Bellingham, WA)

Everlast Window & Door (Seattle, WA)

American Citizens Lobbyist Group (Newark, NJ)

My Family Builders (San Francisco, CA)